TOCHEE is the "why?" of a child who overlooks the world, asking innumerable questions to his father, who lovingly answers to all the questions in a simple and clear way, without technical or abstract terms.
In this way TOCHEE welcomes its own customers like an attentive father ready to answer all questions.
But it is also a company that always tests and searches for new technologies: in this case TOCHEE from a father turns into a child, who asks thousands of questions and experiments.
As a child asks and tries, TOCHEE searches for information and experiments, because this is the only method to learn and assimilate a certain technology or job method.


Starting from purely technical education and experience, design for us is the fulfilment of an idea into a physical and tangible object.
Thanks to the imagination of a child and to the technical experience reached in 15 years of work with multinational companies, where the special component was the rule, we sketch directly on three-dimensional modellers so as to directly convey the idea into a real object by using the “making” method, that is we think about the most suitable technology to build the object and model it according to the technology employed.


Thinking of a market which is always in continuous change and of more and more innovative technologies, we would like to become a reference point for all those companies that do not have time, maybe due to unwieldy managements or to employees who are too much “employed”, to experiment and innovate, risking in this way to become obsolete and unsuitable for the next future markets.


Creativity, in different proportions, is something we carry inside ourselves since our birth: drawing is the real universal language.
Many people lose the ability to imagine, other people hide it, some of them do away with it.
We did away with it for several years in order to improve techniques, but, as we all know, a river does not overflow until the flood comes. So, we realized that trying to hold something bigger than us is useless; we understood that complying with something is better than repressing it, because as a river can contribute to water a field or to supply electricity through power plants, imagination must be directed with the help of technique and knowledge, in order to create tangible things.